Here you will find a small selection of the range of

products that I sell online.

Let me introduce myself -

Gawjus Gifts
My name is Angela Helen, I am a 57yr old, proud Cornishwoman with 2 adult children, 6 Grandchildren & a wonderful partner. I feel blessed to live in such a gorgeous part of the United Kingdom.

In 2010 I started a sewing & alterations service which I successfully run from home. I absolutely love the variety of work that comes my way, everything from Upcycling & Wedding attire to Repairs, Soft Furnishings & Custom Creations.

Alongside this I have built a cottage industry making a cornucopia of products. It is rather an eclectic range at the moment & you will find many creations which are suitable for gifts. If you love sewing I also have a fabulous range of Sewing Essentials (this I intend to expand upon).

Did you know that I also craft bespoke creations? As well as this, I can customize your order to suit your needs.

If in doubt - just ask me! I look forward to being part of your happy process...x



Are you fed-up using plastic bags when you go to the supermarket? Yes!
Do you need a reusable, eco-friendly shopping bag?

Are you an obsessive Shopper or Maybe your Business needs to be Noticed? Yes!
Do you like to ‘Create On-The-Go’, on the bus, plane, car, boat or train? Yes!!

How about a bag that makes you smile? Oh, Yes!


How do you fancy a little bit of Cornish Luck? Do you enjoy reading? Then this Unique Cornish ‘Good Luck’ Bookmark is for you…!!

Gawjus Gifts